My feet are killing me! Walk a day in a Realtors Shoes. A day in the life of a Niagara Realtor/Mom

Prix Fixe Takeout is the New Fine Dining;

Posted by Kathleen Taylor on April 29, 2020 in  General Interest
It’s been a rough day of working from home while juggling newly homeschooled kids and a bored spouse and confused pets, and all you want is a giant ribeye with a filet mignon chaser. But then you remember that, like your workplaces and your kids’ schools and your doggy daycare, your favorite spot for steak—as well as pasta, sushi, pho, and a good-old juicy burger, for that matter—is also shuttered. What’s a gourmand to do? Call for takeout. While just about every industry has been tryi... read more
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Real Estate Will Rebound

Posted by Stephen Oliver on April 02, 2020 in No Category
As I wrIte this article I wanted everyone to know that we at Coldwell Banker Momentum are thinking of all of our clients, their families and their friends.  We wish you health and safety during these unprecedented times.  This article was written to provide some positivity about what we can expect in the months to come.  Real estate will return.   Life will go back to normal.   It may not be tomorrow, next week or four weeks from now but the emergency will be lifted and life will go back... read more
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Do Realtors make too much money? Controversial I know but let's look at the numbers.

Not too crazy to talk about
Posted by Kathleen Taylor on January 20, 2020 in  General Interest
Brace yourself this could be dreadfully boring! Is it the elephant in the room? It usually is when your signing contracts to list your home. Let me paint a picture from my side of the fence. Why don’t I start with an easy (lol) or maybe not so easy explanation of the commission breakdown. Possibly a better term of the commission breakdown is a boring big fat yawn of the commission breakdown. Numbers, when its a subject of money out of your pocket is none the less a topic for discussion. I’ve read lots ... read more
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Welcome to the New CBM

Posted by Stephen Oliver on January 03, 2020 in No Category
Welcome to the new Coldwell Banker Momentum First let us start by saying Happy New Year!   We hope you enjoyed your holiday season. You may notice something different about the look of our newsletter this month.  Our company has embarked on a re-branding that started on January 2, 2020.  After 40 years of our traditional Coldwell Banker imagery, the decision was made to modernize and revitalize our logo, our mission and our story.  Coldwell Banker is one of the oldest real estate companies in ... read more
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What A Realtors Day Looks Like

Posted by Kathleen Taylor on December 01, 2019 in  General Interest
Monday Morning To Sunday Night Let’s start with a daily alarm at 630 am. You would automatically think I’m a mom first! Nope the Realtor is the first animal that comes out in me every morning. I snooze the alarm at least once then grab my phone and check my texts, emails, and social media. At this point I reply to any messages that I received over night (yes all hours) and depending on what day it is I schedule my social media posts. I try to stay a week ahead so Monday mornings I pick something for a M... read more
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