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September Real Estate Conditions

How's the market you ask?
Posted by Stephen Oliver on October 03, 2020 in  uncategorized

The market condition statistics are out for September.  They 

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Enjoy Your Property During Canada’s Fall Season

Don't hibernate. Get outside and enjoy.
Posted by Stephen Oliver on October 03, 2020 in  uncategorized
Each year Canadians across our great country look forward to the beautiful offerings of what the fall has to bring.  We are especially blessed in Niagara to have many places to enjoy the change in seasons when summer turns to fall.  Unfortunately, with that change comes colder temperatures and the need to adapt if you want to spend time on your deck, patio or rear yard.  Here are some steps that might help prolong your time outdoors and allow you to extend your &ldq... read more
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A Moustache for a Good Cause

Supporting Habitat for Humanity
Posted by Stephen Oliver on September 10, 2020 in  uncategorized
A little while back one of our team members Nathan Morrissette shaved his beard that he had grown over the last year or so.  Now that in itself really isn't that exciting, but what came from that simple act has turned out to be a fantastic fundraising opportunity for Habitat for Humanity.When Nathan shaved his beard, he was challenged to grow a handle bar moustache and some of his peers (our brokerage included) offered up $1/day for the length of time he kept it going.  Well today it has been 41 days and ... read more
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Winter will be here before you know it.

Getting your home ready for colder weather.
Posted by Stephen Oliver on September 03, 2020 in  uncategorized
Each year many people look forward to the fall season.  Crisp air, fall markets, kids going back to school and a bounty of outdoor opportunities to enjoy across our region.  Take the time to enjoy everything that your community has to offer while the weather is still nice outside.  But don't forget to take care of your home too.  With the weather changing now is the time to start to look at the things you need to get done "before the snow falls", to ensure your home is protected.1.  Clean y... read more
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Prix Fixe Takeout is the New Fine Dining;

Posted by Kathleen Taylor on April 29, 2020 in  General Interest
It’s been a rough day of working from home while juggling newly homeschooled kids and a bored spouse and confused pets, and all you want is a giant ribeye with a filet mignon chaser. But then you remember that, like your workplaces and your kids’ schools and your doggy daycare, your favorite spot for steak—as well as pasta, sushi, pho, and a good-old juicy burger, for that matter—is also shuttered. What’s a gourmand to do? Call for takeout. While just about every industry has been tryi... read more
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